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Zhengzhou Batong Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, and its predecessor, Batong Bulk Chemical Co., Ltd., was established in 1995. Up to now, Batong Group become a comprehensive chemical trade platform integrating sales, warehousing, logistics and transportation, and international trade. Zhengzhou Batong Industrial Co., Ltd. With a registered capital of 29 million RMB. Our total operating income in 2020 has beyond 1.5 billion RMB. We are aimed at providing professional and efficient solutions to global customers.

  • Three chemical railway berth connection line
  • More than 27 years of chemical solution experience
  • With its own chemical logistics company and over 100 chemical liquid tank trucks
  • Over 50K tanks field stock capacity

Batong owns nearly 100 thousand MT storage capacity for liquid chemicals, a professional railway line for handling hazardous chemicals, and a professional transportation company with more than 2,500 tons capacity supporting Flammable Liquids. Now, we have developed into a comprehensive enterprise with storage, trading, logistic, special vehicle maintenance, and precision equipment manufacturing, and became the benchmarking enterprises of chemicals products in central China.

Batong also takes the social responsibility to organize a social emergency rescue, and provide free safety management consulting services and emergency rescue services for other companies, so we are highly commended by the government and peers.

Own Railway Line

A Professional Railway Line For Handling Hazardous Chemicals, And A Professional Transportation Company with more than 2,500 Tons Capacity Supporting Flammable Liquids. Now, We Have Developed Into A comprehensive Enterprise With Storage.

Whether where you are, you can always contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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  • ● Fresh vision from first meeting
  • ● Different feeling from first corporation
  • ● Close partnership after first deal

Our Team

  • Business Team
  • Transportation Team
  1. 1995

    1995 · 5
    In May 1995, Batong Bulk Chemical was established---Batong was established

  2. 2005

    2005 · 5
    Transportation Company
    May 2005 Zhengzhou Tongcheng Transportation Technology Co., Ltd.---has its own transportation company

  3. 2011

    2011 · 6
    Tank Farm
    June 2011 Batong Industry---established Batong Industry and established its own tank farm

  4. 2013

    2013 · 2
    Own Railway Line
    February 2013 Yishun Chemical --- Established Yishun Chemical and established its own railway line

  5. 2019

    2019 · 7
    Coastal Tank Farm Storage
    In July 2019, Zhengzhou Xing New Trading Co., Ltd. expanded its business to coastal cities and owned coastal tank farm storage.

  6. 2022

    1 Million Tons
    Planned annual sales volume of 1 million tons

  7. 2023

    International Trading
    In May 2023, Hainan Starry International Trading Co., Ltd. was established.

Qualification & Honor

Global market layout


  • Central China: Henan/ Hubei/ Hunan
  • East China: Shandong/ Jiangsu/ Zhejiang/ Anhui/ Fujian/ Jiangxi/ Shanghai
  • North China: Shanxi/ Hebei
  • South China: Guangxi/ Guangdong
  • West China: Xinjiang/ Inner Mongolia/ Qinghai/ Gansu/ Ningxia/ Shaanxi/ Sichuan/ Chongqing/ Yunnan

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Own railway line

With own railway line in factory, saving domestic costs from factory to port.