Batong Chemical always organize Fire Drill to prevent possible safety incidents every month, Then let me take you to see the scene this month.

As we know, hazardous goods of grade 3 are highly flammable liquids and vapor, and we see the Fire brigade from Xing yang City putting out the imaginary fire of storage tanks of Acetic acid and Toluene with professional foam fire extinguishers.

Acetic acid and Glacial acetic acid are also the main products that can flash evaporate when the temperature reaches 20℃, so they must be stored in an airtight storage tank. Ethyl acetate Butyl Acetate and Methyl Acetate are goods of the Acetic acid industry chain .this storage tank of pictures storing goods of Acetic acid.

The benzene industry chain is our most crucial chain, besides benzene, we also have toluene, xylene, and phenol which are widely used in industries such as coatings, paintings, adhesives, etc. The above storage tank stores Benzene and Xylene.

No safety, No everything! Batong Chemical has become the symbol manufacturer in the center of china and hopes our concept of safety can influence more manufacturing enterprises and people.