There are many kinds of flowers in the world, but everyone has their own favorite flowers. Some people like the plum blossom in the wind, some like the lotus out of the mud but not dyed, and some like the gorgeous rose, Today, we would like to show you “ Batong garden”.

Chrysanthemum is one of the "four kings of flowers. It misses the spring with warm flowers and the green summer. In the autumn with withered flowers, it spreads its beautiful petals in the wind. No matter whether it is stormy or all kinds of disasters, it still has a strong spirit.

It is also colorful. It has different varieties, there are white silver chrysanthemums, yellow Stevia and so on. It also has different shapes, each of which is matched with a variety of colors, not losing to roses at all. A gust of wind blew through the fragrance of chrysanthemum, refreshing, the whole-body special spirit. Not only that, it has many uses. Its petals are for people to watch. Its stems can be used as medicine. It has the effect of clearing lungs and relieving fire. Its pistils can be used to make wine. In general, the chrysanthemum is a treasure.

Moreover, no matter where the chrysanthemum is planted, it always twists the flower tray towards the sun. I think it also yearns for the light like us. Its vitality is also very strong. It can survive no matter where it is planted. Even if the flower stem is cut off, it will grow a new stem after a period of time.

That’s how we like chrysanthemums. I will also like the difficulties without flinching, facing the difficulties up until overcome the difficulties.