With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, the requirements for high-purity chemical reagents are getting higher and higher. In the process of integrated circuit processing, high-purity, and high-clean chemical reagents are mainly used for cleaning and etching the surface of chips and silicon circles. Their purity and cleanliness have a very significant impact on the yield, electrical performance, and reliability of integrated circuits.

Electronic-grade Isopropanol is a new type of organic electronic liquid, which is mainly produced by the reaction of Isopropanol and its derivatives, including Deoxygenated molecules, Alkyd esters, Isopropanol phosphate, etc.

Production Process: Oil → Raw material → Industrial grade IPA → Refined and purified

Its advantages lie primarily in its physical properties, which allow it to remain liquid over a wide temperature range and are less prone to contamination.

Batong Chemical Electronic grade Isopropanol has good solubility and is widely used in high-tech industries ((IC, TFT-LCD, LED, and PV) cleaning processes to remove watermarks and particles.