When we wear leather clothes, we often encounter paint stains, which are very difficult to clean up and affect our mood. Next, Batong Chemical will tell you how to clean leather clothes stained with paint.

Paint stains on leather can be removed with an organic solvent compatible with the paint. The polyurethane lacquer solvent is xylene, and the polyester lacquer solvent is cyclohexanone or methyl ethyl ketone. Generally, most of the current paints are polyester paints, which can be removed with methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, etc.

How To Clean The Leather Coat Stained With Paint
  1. If the paint is not completely dry; scrape off the sticky part of the surface without damaging the fabric;
  2. Turn the clothes over and put some absorbent materials under the stain, such as clean cloth or absorbent paper;
  3. Use methyl ethyl ketone, acetone and other organic solvents to dissolve the stains on the back of the stains, absorb the dissolved stains with absorbent materials, and constantly replace clean absorbent materials until no stains are dissolved;
  4. Then wash thoroughly with laundry detergent in the usual way.

If it still cannot be cleaned, you can repeat the above operation or find a professional cleaning organization.