1. Domestic market situation in October
In October, the domestic butanone market generally fell. The demand is not particularly great, and there is a certain pressure on factory shipments, resulting in the inability to offer quotations so the market declines.
As of October 27, the profit of the butanone plant was -950 yuan/ton, down 265.38% from the previous month.
As of October 27, the average operating rate of butanone enterprises was 59.05%, down 1.36 percentage points from the previous month.
2. November market forecast
Supply forecast: The spot supply is sufficient.
Demand forecast: domestic demand is not large, and export is average, wait and see the follow-up situation of actual orders.

In general, due to force majeure factors, shipments in some regions are limited, and downstream demand is not expected to improve significantly. The industry is not optimistic about the latter market, and the trading enthusiasm is not high. It is expected that the price of methyl ethyl ketone will continue to fall next week, not much affected by the cost. Follow major factory trading trends and market news guidance.