Toluene is a critical chemical substance that plays a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical industry. It has various functionalities and has a substantial impact on the development of the pharmaceutical field.

Firstly, toluene is an indispensable solvent in the pharmaceutical process. During the drug-making process, many raw materials or products need to be dissolved in a solvent for subsequent extractions and purifications. Toluene, as an excellent solvent, possesses commendable solvency and stability, playing a vital role in dissolving and mixing in the drug manufacturing process.

Secondly, toluene can also serve as a medium in the drug synthesis process. During chemically synthesizing medicines, catalysts or mediums are often required to facilitate the reaction. Toluene, with its excellent reactivity and stability, becomes an essential medium in many drug syntheses.

Furthermore, toluene can also be used as a raw material for new drug research and development. The development of many novel drugs requires obtaining the target compound through reaction synthesis. Toluene, as a multifunctional chemical raw material, can provide a wealth of synthesis pathways and possibilities, offering substantial support for new drug research and development.

In conclusion, the application and role of toluene in the pharmaceutical industry cannot be overlooked. As a solvent, a medium, and a raw material for new drug research and development, toluene's characteristics and functionalities provide important support for the development of the pharmaceutical field. In future developments, toluene's application in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to be more extensive and profound, contributing more to the cause of our health.