Ethyl acetate (EAC) is the preferred industrial solvent, which is in high demand in the building materials industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and automobile maintenance industry. With the increase in global industrial demand for ethyl acetate, where to buy Ethyl Acetate at wholesale prices is becoming more and more concerned.

Ethyl Acetate itself is a colorless and transparent liquid, which can be dissolved with organic substances such as ether, ethanol, and benzene, and is slightly soluble in water. Due to the wide range of uses of ethyl acetate, the demand is growing. The synthesis technology of ethyl acetate is also becoming increasingly important. At present, there are many synthesis technologies to produce Ethyl Acetate in China, such as acetate cooling method, ethanol deoxyhydrogen method, ethylene addition method and acetaldehyde contraction. At present, the main method for the mass production of ethyl acetate on the market is ethanol deoxyhydrogen. The price of ethyl acetate produced by ethanol deoxyhydrogen method is relatively low and the economic benefits are higher.

As an exporter of ethyl acetate, China mainly produces ethyl acetate by the method of ethanol deoxyhydrogen. The unreacted ethanol is recovered by the separation method, and finally through the removal of impurities, the finished product of ethyl acetate is finally obtained. This synthesis method requires low pressure for synthesis and can be produced as long as the temperature can meet the requirements. And at the same time as the production of acetic vinegar also produced the corresponding hydrogen. This reaction synthesis method is relatively simple to operate, high efficiency and large added value.

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