Summary of Batong Group morning meeting activities on June 6, 2023:

1. Mr. Jia repairs the old and benefits the waste, which will be used to the maximum, this kind of saving spirit of improving the old and benefiting the waste is worth learning; The business management department fully cooperated with colleagues when they asked for help during their vacation, which is the embodiment of the Batong Culture and deserves praise.

Daily Morning Meeting

2. Manager Ma incorrectly reported the unit price of two kinds of goods when submitting the unit price. Colleagues in the storage department only typed the first letter of the goods when typing the name of the goods, and did not carry out self-review.

3. In The past maintenance department Mr. Gao in the vehicle to replace the light bulb did not follow the procedure to reduce the efficiency of the work, Master Gao every time after the maintenance of the car will be summary of it, I believe that this summary will be of great help to his later work, we should also be so in position.