Acetic acid, also known as glacial acetic acid, is the main component and sourness source of vinegar. Low concentration of acetic acid is non-toxic, high concentration of acetic acid can produce specific toxic effects on the human body.

Low-concentration acetic acid is non-toxic, usually used for seasoning, sterilization, and so on, and has no toxic effect on the human body. Taking vinegar as an example, moderate consumption of acetic acid will not produce toxicity, but can also play an appetizing, digestive, vasodilator, relieve fatigue and other effects; The use of vinegar soaking feet can also inhibit bacteria, eliminate foot odor and other effects.

What Is Acetic Acid

High concentration of acetic acid has certain toxicity to the human body. If the human body comes into contact with high-concentration acetic acid steam, it may cause strong irritation and corrosion, including tears, tanginess, skin burning, skin tingling, and other serious discomfort. At this time, it is necessary to stay away from the steam in time and rinse the affected area with running water.